Will Spring ever get here?

March 3, 2014

Oh these winter months.  The cold and wet weather makes for perfect reason to stay inside and read, play cards, or play board games.  I hope you have been able to do just that and enjoy your family and friends.  But, will Spring ever get here?!  I love snow, but I’m ready to see the flowers peek through the ground and trees start to turn green with buds appearing.  There’s something refreshing about moving from one season to another – and I’m all ready for the next one to start – to celebrate Spring!  As for celebrating, March is National Reading Month!  It’s a time to celebrate reading by, well, reading!  Read to a child, parent, brother or sister.  Or be a model for your children and have everyone sit down together to read their own books.  Just 15 minutes.  How about the newspaper or a magazine. Doesn’t matter what – just show them you enjoy reading and they will follow suit.  Even non-readers can participate. Leapfrog.com has a wonderful article with ideas.  Go to http://www.leapfrog.com/en-us/learning-path/articles/march-is-national-reading-month-even-if-you-dont-readyet.html

So let’s celebrate by reading just 15 minutes a day every day in March.  I challenge you.  By April 1st, you will have read for 465 minutes!