Summer is ending

August 29, 2013

As summer ends and fall begins, activities are increasing.  Today,  we started a new partnership with Georgetown University.  A big thank you goes to Brittany Laughlin for connecting BC with GU!  This rainy afternoon, Mike and Adam loaded several boxes of books into my car.  GU actually had many children’s books and they knew we would find children who could use them.  We look forward to working on other ways the students at GU could assist BC!

Recently, I was contacted by a Girl Scout troop who is interested in running a Book Drive for us and also a Spanish outreach program who would like to work with us.  It is so heartwarming that there are so many people who just want to participate in something that will have such a positive impact on the lives of children!

And, finally, just a few days ago, BC was informed that a grant of nearly 1000 books will be delivered to us at the end of September!

This will be an exciting Fall!!  Stay tuned….