Gearing up for school

August 9, 2013

It brings such joy to help someone in need! I’m sure you get that same happy feeling when you do something nice for someone else. So, when I had the opportunity to assist a music teacher in need of instruments for a high-poverty inner city school, I jumped at the chance. Over the summer, she had attended a class on World Drumming and thought how nice it would be to use skills she learned there in her classroom. Being a music teacher, she is lucky to be able to touch all the children in the school as they rotate through their music subject.  Her only issue was how to provide enough djembes for an entire class.  That’s where Balint Charities stepped in to help.  In a few weeks, the children will arrive to find  21 brand new, brightly-colored djembes waiting for them.  Let the music-making (and math skills) begin!